Seeking Full-Time Preacher/Minister


The Franklin Road Church of Christ is seeking an experienced preacher/minister who is knowledgeable of the scriptures and has effective preaching, teaching, great interpersonal skills, and the ability to cordially work with a structured eldership. Under the oversight of the elders, the preacher/minister will serve the congregation and community on a full-time basis working with church members to spiritually strengthen a diverse congregation and bringing the lost to Christ.  

The full-time minister position includes a starting salary of $50K and possibly more depending on experience.  The position also comes with church paid contributions of up to $5K annually towards major medical health insurance (if needed) and other fringes including paid vacation days, personal and/or holidays, paid time off to conduct limited gospel meetings and/or speak at other congregations, church paid contributions towards federal withholding taxes and supported housing allowances (if needed and based upon IRS annual guidelines).


  1. Preach scriptural lessons with personal and practical applications. The minister will deliver the majority of messages from the pulpit
  2. Teach bible classes/scriptures related to our lives today, edify & strengthen members
  3. Lead/assist with community outreach, participate in leading/developing efforts for our congregation outside its walls to actively seek and save the lost in the local community
  4. Effectively engage membership in activities that benefit the community and provide outreach opportunities
  5. Bring individuals to Christ through example, evangelism, teaching & encouragement
  6. Oversee, and/or publish publication of the bulletin and other communication media
  7. Participate in planning adult education programs
  8. Participate in member and guest visitation
  9. Perform weddings, funerals, and other activities under the oversight of the elders


  1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is preferred
  2. Extensive preaching experience is preferred
  3. Experience growing a mature church both spiritually and numerically
  4. Experience in bringing non-Christians in the community to Christ

Men interested in applying, please click this link to submit a resume or may apply by submitting a resume to