• What direction will the Franklin Road Church of Christ take as it relates to worshipping in person?

Franklin Road Congregation has decided to re-open public worship with a strategy that we “Respect of People from Where they Are” as it relates to this health crisis. Let’s consider others more than ourselves.


II. Where can I find decisions about attending worship at Franklin Road?

Members were informed via church meetings held on June 3, 2021 and June 8, 2021. Information can be obtained from the members of Franklin Road as well as via the Church Website and Church Facebook Page after June 8, 2021.


III. When will services open to the public?

The Franklin Road Church of Christ will reconvene weekly worship service at the building beginning Sunday, June 27, 2021. We will conduct two (2) services to provide social distancing. The first service will be at 8:00 AM. The same service will be repeated at 10:00 AM. Members and Guests are asked to attend either the 8am or 10 am service (for social distancing).


IV. How will services be carried out or delivered to Members and Guests?

The congregation will offer all components of the worship service to Members and Guests.


V. What about Communion? How will it be done.

We will use the individual portable communion cups. Brothers can provide limited assistance if a Member or Guest needs help with communion. Portable Communion cups and contribution envelopes are available and located in the lobby. Members and Guests are asked to pick up these items as they enter the auditorium. Pews will be pre-marked. Members and Guests should be seated as quickly as possible.


VI. What about Contribution? How will it be done.

Contributions can be placed directly in the wooden containers and contribution envelopes are available. Contributions can also be mailed to the Franklin Road Church of Christ, P.O. Box 834, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0834.


VII. What about attending Bible Classes in-person?

We will not resume Sunday Bible classes at this time. We will continue to offer the Bible Class/Service via Zoom on Wednesdays.


VIII. Will Home Worship Service be available?

Home Worship as conducted prior to the COVID pandemic will not be available to Members or Guests.


IX. What can Members do to help each other, and our Guests feel comfortable in returning to an in-person Worship Service?

First, remember to be polite by being respectful, keep your distance, remember that everyone may not be comfortable with close contact including hugging, shaking hands, standing close or even a fist bump. Members and Guests are asked to wear Face Covering or Mask upon entering the building, while up walking or going to the bathroom, etc.


X. What type of cleaning protocol is being followed?

The building will be cleaned and sanitized before services each week. Additionally, we will clean the pulpit, portable pews (lecterns) and common areas between services. Leaving the building and the services immediately after the services have ended is just another way of protecting our Members & Guests. Members and Guests can visit in the parking lot.


XI. What other things may be different from in the past that you need to know.

1. Vaccines are encouraged but not required.

2. Don’t attend worship service if you do not feel well.

3. Water Fountains will not be operable.

4. Food and drink including water will not be allowed in the Auditorium.

5. The Cry Room will be available for limited use (not sickness).

6. The Nursery will be available to for immediate emergency infant needs (i.e. change a diaper) but will not be staffed.

7. Once seated, Members & Guests are free to remove Face Covering and Masks.

8. Brothers such as the Preacher, Song Leader or Prayer Leader will not wear face covering while performing their service responsibilities.


XII. What are some things I can do to ensure I bring my “Healthiest Me” to worship service? Members and Guests should conduct health self-screening:

  • Are you experiencing any of the following? Cough, Shortness of Breath or Sore Throat?

  • Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

  • Have you had new loss of taste or smell?

  • Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

  • Even if you are unvaccinated, have you had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID?

  • Regardless of vaccine status, people experiencing any of these symptoms should not attend worship.

  • Anyone experiencing other potentially contagious non-COVID symptoms should also not attend in-person worship.

Public Worship at Franklin Road Church of Christ
Worship Times Beginning June 27, 2021
8am Worship Service
10am Worship Service
    Evening Bible Study 7pm Via Zoom
From Nashville
Merge onto I-24E
Take exit 78A to merge onto TN-96 W/Old Fort Pkwy toward Franklin.
Continue to follow TN-96W and building will be on the right.
From Franklin
Merge onto TN-840E toward Murfreesboro
Take the exit toward Veterans Pkwy
Turn Right onto Veterans Pkwy
Turn left onto TN-96E/Franklin Rd and building will be on the left.
From Chattanooga
Merge onto I-24W
Take exit 78A to merge onto TN-96 W/Old Fort Pkwy toward Franklin.
Continue to follow TN-96W and building will be on the right.
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Franklin Road Church of Christ
3700 Franklin Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
(615) 895-7955
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